On Fighting Style

I am often asked what style is best to fight with. The answer is easy, but very few truly understand it.

Just as with any other sport or martial art, as we are learning we see particular ways others use to get the job done. Many people adopt a particular style of movement, walk, motions and favorite strikes and special maneuvers.

Part of the problem arises when people pre-program themselves with patterns and particular ways of doing things, so much so that they become predictable and fail to adapt when needed.
Fighting is a living breathing thing, it grows and changes constantly. There is no one “right” way to fight but there can be many “wrong” ways. Any style which claims to be all encompassing will have flaws.

There are many, many ways of throwing shots, moving and fighting. To limit yourself to a “style” of fighting effectively imprisons you withing a particular mindset and way of thinking. You will see combat and your options only within a narrower scope and it will eventually lead to defeat, often leaving you confused as to why.

So my answer, which is similar to the thoughts of Musashi and Bruce Lee, is to have NO STYLE. Learn all ways, all styles you can. Incorporate these things into you fighting abilities. Choose what works for you but remember all.

Try to avoid setting yourself up in a predictable “style” by always throwing the same shots, blocking the same way or moving in a certain fashion. Most fighters are predictable, following particular patterns almost always. If you observe them long enough, you can figure out how to one shot or two shot most fighters. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have favorite ways of doing things, just that you should flow with the fight, let it develop and be able to adapt to whatever happens.


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